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Sharing America's Resources ABroad is a Ecumenical Christian Ministry dedicated to offering medical training and assistance to improve lives around the world.

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Marty Siegel, Publicty
A number of years ago Rev. Stephen Szilagyi was visiting in Hungary and saw a small child who was in need of surgery to correct scoliosis, a very severe curvature of the spine. The procedure was not then available in Hugary but was done regularly in the United States. Rev. Szilagyi collected enough money to bring a boy to the U.S.A. to receive the surgery but then realized that what was really needed were doctors in Hungary that could perform the operation. So he arranged for one physician to come to the United States for training. Later the equipment the surgeon needed was sent to Hungary. This is how SARA began: helping one child and one doctor.
Today the procedure to correct scoliosis, cleft palet / lip, and other surgical needs are performed on hundreds of children between Hungary and Unkrain. Since that beginning more than 30 million dollars of donated medical equipment, professional services, and supplies hae been sent to more than 10 countries. Many physicians have received additional training in the United States through SARA.

Won't you come see for yourself how SARA is changing lives? You could have a life changing experience working with SARA.

There are many ways you can feed the joy that mission work brings!
  • Take a trip with a SARA volunteer
  • Inviting a member of SARA to speak at your church or service group
  • Collecting financial support for one of the many projects SARA oversees
  • Holding a fund raiser dinner or special offering

Some of the SARA projects you can support
  • Suport of The Good Samaritan Home and St. Michael Orphanage (food & medical needs)
  • Supply dental office and Bethel Hoffer Clinic's in Ukraine
  • Training / Education of medical staff in Ukraine and Hungary
  • Food for the Roma congregation / Over the counter medications

Remember when a SARA volunteer reaches out to those in need through your support you are there as well.

"To God Be The Glory"

Over time SARA has expanded its mission to include: medical clinits, education, dentistry, nutrition, orphanages, clean water, youth and adult education, help for the disabled and many types orthopedic surgery. Consistent with Rev. Szilagy's initial vision, the focus remains on sustainability and education, because supplies and equipment are of limited use without local training and expertise. SARA facilitates the development of partnerships in the United States and their foreign counterparts to engage the free exchange of information on an ongoing basis.

Additionally, SARA has enabled scores of foreign doctors, nurses, administrators, and other medical professionals to visit and learn at top health care facilities in the United States.